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A promising area for villa rentals
by Liviu Ostaci
9 steps to rent house or apartment
by Liviu Ostaci
2014, 27 june.

I would recommend following steps:

  1. Consider how much you can afford to pay. 
  2. Determine the features that you desire in a furnished home, such as location, space requirements, rental cost, dates of availability and type of items to be furnished. 
  3. Enlist a rental agent to narrow your search. On local market, property owners normally, pay this service. 


Now available from 700 EUR/month
by Liviu Ostaci
2014, 12 aug.

Perhaps no other residential project in Chisinau was so much expected and discussed before it is inauguration as Crown Plaza Park. The important role in the success is given to certain factors like the perfect location of the complex, well organized preliminary promotion and not the last thing – the reputation of the developer and the architect of the project who jointly used to succeed already the residential project – Crown Plaza complex located on Bucuresti str.